Worst. 100 Days. Ever.

by John Feffer If I were a Trump supporter, I’d be furious at the coverage of the president’s first 100 days. The mainstream media has engaged in a bout of competitive schadenfreude as headline writers and columnists vie for the… Continue Reading

Early Lessons of Election Day 2016

by Robert E. Hunter A few hours after these comments appear on Lobelog, we should know who will be president of the United States for the next four years. Postmortems will begin in earnest as soon as the results are declared and… Continue Reading

Campaign Carnage and the Iran Nuclear Agreement

by Paul R. Pillar Among the lingering effects of this awful election campaign season will be widespread misunderstanding of serious issues of foreign policy, beyond even the habitually low baseline public understanding of many such issues. With Donald Trump making… Continue Reading

Trump’s Love Affair with Nukes Is Actually a Threesome

by Eli Clifton Yesterday morning, MSNBC anchor Joe Scarborough revealed that “several months ago, a foreign policy expert, on the international level, went to advise Donald Trump and three times he asked about the use of nuclear weapons.” Scarborough said… Continue Reading

Will Trump Listen to Adelson on VP Pick?

by Eli Clifton One of the hallmarks of Donald Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party has been his refusal to pander to the party’s donor class. He mocked his opponents in the primaries for soliciting funding from wealthy GOP donors.… Continue Reading