Worst. 100 Days. Ever.

by John Feffer If I were a Trump supporter, I’d be furious at the coverage of the president’s first 100 days. The mainstream media has engaged in a bout of competitive schadenfreude as headline writers and columnists vie for the… Continue Reading

Partisan Gaps on Military Use, Immigration, Climate

by Jim Lobe  Achieving bipartisan consensus on major foreign policy issues and threats—indeed, on the U.S. role in the world—looks increasingly unlikely, according to the latest survey released Tuesday by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Hagel is Definitely in the Mainstream

The initial attacks against Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense included a virtual mantra that the former Nebraska senator was “out of the mainstream” of thinking on the Middle East. Even in his endorsement of Hagel yesterday, Tom Friedman noted… Continue Reading

U.S. Public Satisfied With Less Militarised Global Role

via IPS News Disillusioned by wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the U.S. public is becoming increasingly comfortable with a more modest and less militarised global role for the nation, according to the latest in a biennial series of major surveys. That… Continue Reading

Chicago Council Poll: U.S. Public Against Attacking Iran

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs just released their wide-ranging biennial 2010 survey on Americans’ attitudes on U.S. foreign policy. With Iran such a hot issue these days, it’s no surprise a number of questions focused on U.S.-Iran relations and other… Continue Reading