Brookings Polls: Americans Seem to Reject Islamophobia After Orlando

by Derek Davison On Monday, the Brookings Institution released the findings of three polls conducted by University of Maryland professor Shibley Telhami, measuring U.S. public opinion about Islam, Muslims, and the Middle East. The polls measure attitudes before and after… Continue Reading

One Year On: The Iran Deal Has Fulfilled Its Promise

by Shemuel Meir The annual Herzliya Conference made headlines a few weeks back simply due to the fact that former Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon and former Prime Minister Ehud Barak pulled out a no holds barred attack on Benjamin Netanyahu.… Continue Reading

Major Partisan Divide on Arab Refugees

by Jim Lobe If a major new poll released Tuesday by the Brookings Institution is any indication, the Republican Party under its presumptive presidential nominee is indeed returning to its nativist roots of the 1930s, at least on the question… Continue Reading

The Demise of the Two-State Solution and Israel’s Culpability

by Robert Olson “The fading two-state solution.” This was the caption of the lead editorial of The New York Times on Jan. 23, emphasizing there was no or little chance of any two-state solution in which a Palestinian state would… Continue Reading

New Saudi Budget: The Good, the Bad, and the Potentially Ugly

by Thomas W. Lippman It hardly came as a surprise that the Saudi Arabian government budget for the upcoming fiscal year, approved by the cabinet the weekend after Christmas, projects a yawning deficit. Economic analysts knew it was coming; the… Continue Reading