Dems and Israel/Palestine: New Leadership, Old Policies

by Naomi Dann As the drama-filled Democratic National Convention wraps up, political analyst Donna Brazile will take the reins of the party. Following Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s exit as chair of the Democratic Party after the release of emails revealing efforts to… Continue Reading

Brookings Polls: Americans Seem to Reject Islamophobia After Orlando

by Derek Davison On Monday, the Brookings Institution released the findings of three polls conducted by University of Maryland professor Shibley Telhami, measuring U.S. public opinion about Islam, Muslims, and the Middle East. The polls measure attitudes before and after… Continue Reading

Major Partisan Divide on Arab Refugees

by Jim Lobe If a major new poll released Tuesday by the Brookings Institution is any indication, the Republican Party under its presumptive presidential nominee is indeed returning to its nativist roots of the 1930s, at least on the question… Continue Reading

Poll: Evangelical Republicans are Bibi’s Biggest American Fans

by Derek Davison and Jim Lobe Despite his renewed courtship of Democrats (including an embarrassingly eager-to-please Center for American Progress), Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has widened the increasingly striking partisan divide over his popularity in the United States. However,… Continue Reading