Trump and the Iran Protests

by John Feffer The last time Iranians went out onto the streets in large numbers, they were protesting what they thought was a stolen election. It was 2009, and hardliner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had convincingly won the presidency with roughly 63… Continue Reading

Iran Hawks Embrace Protest Movement But Show Little Concern for Iranian Lives

by Eli Clifton As the protests across Iran reach the one-week point, Iran hawks are using their echo chamber to claim concern for the wellbeing of Iranian protesters and pushing the Trump administration and policymakers to publicly state their support… Continue Reading

Israel-Palestine: The Deal-Maker Deals Himself Out

by Paul R. Pillar Donald Trump had already moved a long way backward since uttering a few remarks last year raising hopes that he would break out of the straitjacket that binds American politicians on all things involving Israel and… Continue Reading

Silencing Critics of Israel

by James J. Zogby Israel doesn’t accept criticism. In fact, whether from friend or foe, even mild criticism is viewed as an existential threat prompting Israeli officials to unleash a torrent of abuse in an effort to silence and/or punish… Continue Reading

The Demise of the Two-State Solution and Israel’s Culpability

by Robert Olson “The fading two-state solution.” This was the caption of the lead editorial of The New York Times on Jan. 23, emphasizing there was no or little chance of any two-state solution in which a Palestinian state would… Continue Reading