Will Trump Listen to Adelson on VP Pick?

by Eli Clifton One of the hallmarks of Donald Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party has been his refusal to pander to the party’s donor class. He mocked his opponents in the primaries for soliciting funding from wealthy GOP donors.… Continue Reading

Foreign Policy and Presidential Politics as a Team Sport

by Paul R. Pillar Bernie Sanders has become a primary focus of a common quadrennial subject for foreign policy wonks and presidential campaign watchers: the “teams” of advisers who affiliate with different campaigns. Ostensibly these advisers provide their respective candidates… Continue Reading

We Need More From Our Candidates on the Middle East

by James J. Zogby  I have long argued that how candidates for high office speak about the Middle East should be a critical test of their capacity to lead our nation. Since the end of the Vietnam war, we have… Continue Reading

Cruz Proposes War as Alternative to Sailors’ Negotiated Release

by Eli Clifton Last night’s Republican debate had many memorable and exciting moments as Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) duked it out. Donald Trump became the new “9/11 candidate,” after he parried Cruz’s attack that the real estate… Continue Reading

Republicans’ Self-Defeating Attack on Obama’s Iran Policy

by Eli Clifton Yesterday, Iran swiftly released U.S. navy sailors it had detained on Tuesday after their two patrol boats entered Iranian territorial waters near a major Iranian naval base. The U.S. media reported that the release signaled that relations… Continue Reading