Ten Years After Iraq War, Neo-Cons Struggle to Hold Republicans

by Jim Lobe via IPS News Ten years after reaching the height of their influence with the invasion of Iraq, the neo-conservatives and other right-wing hawks are fighting hard to retain their control of the Republican Party. That fight was… Continue Reading  

Cheney’s neverending war with reality

An unnamed figure serving in the White House once chided journalist Ron Suskind for living in the “reality-based world”, a state of mind inconsistent with the U.S.’s new status as an empire. It appears that former Vice President Dick Cheney… Continue Reading  

Iran Hawks Rattle Sabers; Ignore Incremental Signs Of Progress

Reposted by arrangement with Think Progress The past week offered numerous opportunities for neoconservatives and their hawkish allies to defend the Bush foreign policy and push for a continuation of the adventurist foreign policy pursued since 9/11. As always, Iran… Continue Reading