Neocons Agree: Pressure Iran Forever

by Derek Davison One of the unintended consequences of the decision to extend the international talks on Iran’s nuclear program is the growing number of neoconservative calls for even more pressure on Iran. So it was on July 28 that… Continue Reading  

Europe Shows Resistance to US Drone Policies

by Tyler Cullis Earlier this week the European Parliament passed a resolution condemning the US drone program and expressing its concern over the desire of some European states to build a program of their own. Here in the US few… Continue Reading  

Life After a Drone Strike

by Charles Davis The only thing the outside world really knows about Waziristan is that it is dangerous. Since 2004, there have been hundreds of US drone strikes there, which government officials assure are killing dangerous people. But no foreign… Continue Reading  

Naming Our Nameless War

How Many Years Will It Be? by Andrew J. Bacevich via Tom Dispatch For well over a decade now the United States has been “a nation at war.” Does that war have a name? It did at the outset. After 9/11,… Continue Reading  

Please Put Victor Davis Hanson Out to Pasture. Wolfowitz, Too.

by Jim Lobe I stopped reading neo-con and Dick Cheney favorite Victor Davis Hanson, “the Sage of Fresno”, after the Bush administration, largely because almost everything he wrote sounded exactly the same (cranky), and he offered no insight into what… Continue Reading