European Parliament Condemns Human Rights Violations in Bahrain 

by Eldar Mamedov While the Trump administration is escalating tensions with Iran and moving closer to the Persian Gulf monarchies, the European Parliament (EP) took a step in the opposite direction. At its plenary session on February 16, it adopted… Continue Reading  

The Three Faces of Drone War

Speaking Truth From the Robotic Heavens by Pratap Chatterjee* Enemies, innocent victims, and soldiers have always made up the three faces of war. With war growing more distant, with drones capable of performing on the battlefield while their “pilots” remain thousands… Continue Reading  

Europe Shows Resistance to US Drone Policies

by Tyler Cullis Earlier this week the European Parliament passed a resolution condemning the US drone program and expressing its concern over the desire of some European states to build a program of their own. Here in the US few… Continue Reading  

If The Yasiin Bey Video Was Hard To Stomach…

by Jared Metzker By now millions of people have seen the video of Yasiin Bey (a hip hop artist and actor formerly known as Mos Def) being strapped to a chair and force-fed in a manner similar to that used… Continue Reading