Emmerson Report Asks the Right Questions on US Drone Strikes

by Tyler Cullis Earlier this month the UN Special Rapporteur for Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights, Ben Emmerson, released his annual report to the UN Human Rights Council (the “Emmerson report”). He had been charged with determining best practices for States… Continue Reading  

Europe Shows Resistance to US Drone Policies

by Tyler Cullis Earlier this week the European Parliament passed a resolution condemning the US drone program and expressing its concern over the desire of some European states to build a program of their own. Here in the US few… Continue Reading  

Accountability for US Drone Strikes in Yemen Remains Elusive

by Tyler Cullis Today Human Rights Watch (HRW) released a rather harrowing report on a US drone strike on an alleged Yemeni wedding convoy this past December: The [December 12] strike . . . killed at least 12 men ages… Continue Reading  

Drone Controversy Rears Its Head Again

by Tyler Cullis Today news broke that the Obama administration is considering targeting a U.S. citizen located in Pakistan with lethal force. This quickly restarted the debate over what legal authorities the President has in drone strikes, what policies the… Continue Reading  

Drone Wars: Tactics in Search of a Strategy

by James A. Russell The confirmation hearings of John Brennan for director of the Central Intelligence Agency serve as the latest searing reminder of the intellectual rigamortis gripping the national security establishment and how brain dead we have become as… Continue Reading