Iran Resupplying Syria with Iraqi Assistance Compliments of the Neocons

Harvard Professor Stephen Walt points out the reason why Iran is reportedly able to ship military equipment to the repressive regime of Bashar al-Assad through Iraq: Today we learn that Iran is resupplying the Assad regime in Syria via Iraqi… Continue Reading  

Dumb and Dumber

Obama’s “Smart Power” Foreign Policy Not Smart at All By John Feffer via Tom Dispatch Barack Obama is a smart guy. So why has he spent the last four years executing such a dumb foreign policy? True, his reliance on “smart power”… Continue Reading  

Why does Haim Saban prefer Obama over Romney?

In 2004 Haim Saban told a New York Times reporter: “I’m a one-issue guy and my issue is Israel.” That’s only important because Saban is a billionaire media mogul and generous political campaign donor who has contributed to individuals and lobbying organizations.… Continue Reading  

After Dempsey Warning, Israel May Curb War Threat


By Jim Lobe and Gareth Porter via IPS News President Barack Obama’s explicit warning that he will not accept a unilateral Israeli attack against Iran may force Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to step back from his ostensible threat of… Continue Reading  

Critically ill Iranians bear the pain of Banking Sanctions

Writing for the Financial Times the talented Iranian journalist, Najmeh Bozorgmehr, reports on how US-imposed sanctions on Iran’s Central Bank are preventing critically-ill patients from getting crucial medical aid: The government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says international sanctions have had little impact… Continue Reading