Rays of Hope in the Middle East?

by Thomas Lippman For once the news from the Middle East doesn’t seem to be all bad. That doesn’t mean the news is good—most of it is not—but amid all the continuing conflicts some encouraging signs of sanity and seriousness… Continue Reading  

Syria and the Young Dictator Problem

by John Feffer The classic image of the dictator clinging to power, resisting the world’s entreaties to resign, and fending off internal attempts at ouster is that of an old man, stubborn and long past caring what others think. He’s… Continue Reading  

Syria: The Vexing Issue of Lethal Aid for the Rebels

by Wayne White Sen. John McCain’s berating of former Sen. Chuck Hagel for “yes or no” answers as to whether the latter would support intervention in Syria or providing arms to anti-regime fighters reveals just how little McCain understands about… Continue Reading  

New Syrian opposition gains some diplomatic support, US embrace still absent

By Paul Mutter The Syrian National Coalition, formed in Qatar last week through a US-led international initiative, has gained two important diplomatic victories in the past few days. NATO member Turkey has formally recognized the body as Syria’s legitimate government,… Continue Reading  

Does Iran have a Syria Strategy?

by Farideh Farhi Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi’s statement yesterday that the Islamic Republic is prepared to host talks between Bashar al-Assad’s government and the opposition should be regarded as an indication of Tehran’s inability to influence events in Syria.… Continue Reading