What Are Russians up to in Syria?

by Eldar Mamedov In remarks on December 11 intended to increase pressure on Turkey, President Vladimir Putin ordered Russia’s military to act in an “extremely tough way” in Syria to protect Russian forces attacking Islamic State (ISIS or IS) targets.… Continue Reading

Why Turkey’s Election Matters for Syria

by Derek Davison Voters in Turkey went to the polls for parliamentary elections on June 7 and handed the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) a decisive defeat. While AKP remains the largest party in the Turkish parliament, the party… Continue Reading

Syria and the Young Dictator Problem

by John Feffer The classic image of the dictator clinging to power, resisting the world’s entreaties to resign, and fending off internal attempts at ouster is that of an old man, stubborn and long past caring what others think. He’s… Continue Reading

Saudi Arabia and Turkey Rejoin Hands in Syria

by Derek Davison In their May 3 report on recent rebel successes in Syria’s Idlib Province, McClatchy reporters Roy Gutman and Musab Alhamadee identified a newfound unity between Islamist and moderate rebel groups as the key factor in the success… Continue Reading