European Parliament Calls for an Arms Embargo against Saudi Arabia

by Eldar Mamedov Last week the European Parliament (EP) adopted a non-binding resolution calling for an introduction of an EU-wide embargo on arms sales to Saudi Arabia. The resolution, focused on the humanitarian situation in Yemen, condemned the violent and… Continue Reading

Iran’s Position on the Arms Trade Treaty

by Emma Scott The “axis of evil” club portrayed by George W. Bush in 2002 no longer exists. Iran has now famously exited from the group leaving bad boy Kim Jong Un all alone. But the two countries still share… Continue Reading

Next for Iran: Lifting the Arms Embargoes

by Emma Scott Having survived the US Senate, the nuclear deal concluded between Iran and the P5+1 will now be formally adopted, and implementation will follow. Whether you are pro-deal or anti-deal, the truth is that the Joint Comprehensive Plan… Continue Reading

New Syrian opposition gains some diplomatic support, US embrace still absent

By Paul Mutter The Syrian National Coalition, formed in Qatar last week through a US-led international initiative, has gained two important diplomatic victories in the past few days. NATO member Turkey has formally recognized the body as Syria’s legitimate government,… Continue Reading