US Is Delaying Iran’s Return to Global Economic Community

by Peter Jenkins and Peter Oborne It is a year on Thursday since Iran and the West struck their historic nuclear deal. It is in deep trouble – and the fault lies with the United States. Iran promised to cut back… Continue Reading

Next for Iran: Lifting the Arms Embargoes

by Emma Scott Having survived the US Senate, the nuclear deal concluded between Iran and the P5+1 will now be formally adopted, and implementation will follow. Whether you are pro-deal or anti-deal, the truth is that the Joint Comprehensive Plan… Continue Reading

Can Israel and Iran Just Get Along?

by Navid Hassibi While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu chastised Iran in his annual address to the UN General Assembly last week, the region surrounding Israel continues to be embroiled in strife. Next door, the Assad regime along with anti-Assad… Continue Reading

Iran’s Alliance of Convenience with the Taliban?

by Lobelog’s Tehran correspondent Iranian officials have confirmed reports of a visit by an Afghan Taliban delegation to Tehran in May. But details of what transpired in these meetings have been scant.

Prospects for Saudi-Iranian Detente Bleak

by Mehdi Jedinia Some optimistic analysts mistakenly believe that Iran and Saudi Arabia are heading toward a mutual understanding over a new regional security architecture based on a balance of powers between them and their allies. Instead, because the current situation is… Continue Reading