Top Foreign Policy Experts Endorse Iran Nuclear Deal

by Derek Davison As Iran and six world powers scramble to reach a deal over Iran’s nuclear program by the deadline of Nov. 24 in Vienna, Washington is seeing a flurry of last-minute events focused on the pros and cons… Continue Reading  

As Optimism Grows, Possible Iran Deal Gains Key Endorsement

by Jim Lobe Optimism that the US and world powers can, after all, strike a nuclear deal with Iran by or shortly after the current November 24 deadline appeared to grow here in Washington substantially this week. Such a deal… Continue Reading  

Hagel on Iran in November 2010

With the speculation over former Sen. Chuck Hagel being nominated for SecDef, I thought it might be helpful to cite excerpts from a briefing the Atlantic Council gave on the first report of its task force on Iran back in… Continue Reading