Iran’s National Security and Nuclear Diplomacy: An Insider’s Take

by Farideh Farhi National Security and Nuclear Diplomacy was published in Iran during the autumn of 2011, but most people only learned about it a few months ago, after it was made available during Tehran’s International Book Fair in May.… Continue Reading

Sanctions and the shaping of Iran’s “Resistance Economy”

The International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN) has published a useful brief aptly subtitled, “Killing them softly”, about the impact of sanctions on the lives of ordinary people who live in Iran, particularly women and other vulnerable groups such as… Continue Reading

More signals from Iran AND the U.S. ahead of renewed talks

Fereydoon Abbasi-Davani, the head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, has reiterated statements made by Mohammad Javad Larijani in March regarding key concessions Iran is prepared to make in return for cooperation from the West. Reports ABC News: Fereidoon Abbasi, head… Continue Reading

Larijani offers “full transparency” on nuclear program, says military conflict with Israel not policy

In the same week that President Obama said the window for diplomacy with Iran over its nuclear program was “shrinking” high-level Iranian official Mohammad Javad Larijani has publicly pushed back against claims that Iran wants to militarily harm Israel and… Continue Reading

Anne Bayefsky Claims that the Cordoba Initiative is Part of an Iranian Plot

The Hudson Institute‘s Anne Bayefsky in an article on Pajamas Media, attempts to link the Cordoba Initiative’s fund-raising for the planned community center at 45-51 Park Place in New York (rebranded the Park 51 Community Center) to the secretary-general of… Continue Reading