Mali Recovering as Jihadists Focus on Southern Libya & Niger

by Wayne White Mali finally signed a ceasefire with Tuareg separatists negotiated by the UN and the EU, potentially opening the way for the return of a central government presence to the key Saharan provincial capital of Kidal. Mali also… Continue Reading  

Syria: Western Aid Too Little, Too Late — Again

by Wayne White Amidst rumors that Washington finally decided to provide arms at least to selected Syrian opposition fighters, Secretary of State John Kerry announced that the US would do little more than increase its non-lethal aid to the opposition.… Continue Reading  

Expert Q&A: US Should Encourage NATO/Turkey-led Assistance to Syrian Opposition Forces

Emile Nakhleh is a retired Senior Intelligence Service Officer, a Research Professor at the University of New Mexico and a National Intelligence Council associate. Since retiring from the United States Government in 2006, he has been consulting with different US… Continue Reading  

Cliff May peddles Iran-Al Qaeda link, again

Cliff May, who is making gains in the national standings for top U.S. counter-Jihadi, is at it again with his demagoguery about Iran. May’s latest column for Scripps Howard and the National Review contains some advice for recently elevated Republican House Committee… Continue Reading  

2002 deja vu: neocons conflate Iran and Al Qaeda

I have a new piece up at AlterNet detailing how Cliff May, the president of the Foundation to Defend Democracies, is up to his old tricks. In a recent piece on National Review Online, May united Iran and Al Qaeda… Continue Reading