Misusing Intelligence to Sell Conflict with Iran


by Paul R. Pillar Although nobody knows exactly where Donald Trump intends to go with his campaign of seeking confrontation with Iran, his administration already has provided disconcerting parallels with the techniques an earlier U.S. administration used in selling its… Continue Reading  

Osama Bin Laden’s America


by Tom Engelhardt Honestly, if there’s an afterlife, then the soul of Osama bin Laden, whose body was consigned to the waves by the U.S. Navy back in 2011, must be swimming happily with the dolphins and sharks. At the cost of… Continue Reading  

President Blowback


by Tom Engelhardt If you want to know where President Donald Trump came from, if you want to trace the long winding road (or escalator) that brought him to the Oval Office, don’t look to reality TV or Twitter or… Continue Reading  

Trump’s Travel Ban: Exempting the Next Osama Bin Laden?


by Bahman Baktiari The Trump administration introduced a new Executive Order that revised its previous order blocking visitors / immigrants from seven countries: Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Iran, Iraq and Sudan. In the new order, Iraq has been dropped, but the… Continue Reading  

Trump and Bin Laden: Messaging Wizards


by Emile Nakhleh Of the many critical factors that contributed to President-elect Trump’s victory none is more central than his messaging. His words, descriptions of his opponents, and pithy calls for political “jihad” among his army of believers are not… Continue Reading