President Blowback

by Tom Engelhardt If you want to know where President Donald Trump came from, if you want to trace the long winding road (or escalator) that brought him to the Oval Office, don’t look to reality TV or Twitter or… Continue Reading  

Trump’s Travel Ban: Exempting the Next Osama Bin Laden?

by Bahman Baktiari The Trump administration introduced a new Executive Order that revised its previous order blocking visitors / immigrants from seven countries: Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Iran, Iraq and Sudan. In the new order, Iraq has been dropped, but the… Continue Reading  

Trump and Bin Laden: Messaging Wizards

by Emile Nakhleh Of the many critical factors that contributed to President-elect Trump’s victory none is more central than his messaging. His words, descriptions of his opponents, and pithy calls for political “jihad” among his army of believers are not… Continue Reading  

The Legacy of 9/11, 15 Years Later

by Paul R. Pillar In thinking about the significance and consequences, a decade and a half later, of the terrorist attacks known as 9/11, it is best to begin with what the attacks did not mean—despite what voluminous commentary ever… Continue Reading  

The Islamic State and Arab Muslim Regimes: Time for Another Look

by Emile Nakhleh The Islamic State (ISIS or IS) has claimed that the French-Tunisian truck driver who plowed into crowds celebrating Bastille Day in Nice killing nearly 100 people and injuring over 200 as one of their “soldiers.” The West… Continue Reading