Trump’s Sanctions Will Hurt Iran, But How Much?

by Derek Davison Even after Donald Trump decided to violate the Iran nuclear deal (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or JCPOA) by reimposing U.S. sanctions against Iran, he had a range of options. He could, for example, have started small… Continue Reading  

Trump Uses Uncertainty Against Iran

by Dina Esfandiary Last week, President Trump announced that he would renew sanctions waivers for Iran. But he also imposed non-nuclear sanctions and renewed his call to Congress to “fix” the deal or else. By doing so, Trump fosters uncertainty.… Continue Reading  

State of Sanctions on Iran after Nuclear Deal

by Jim Lobe The following is the introduction and summary of a paper prepared by the law firm Berliner Corcoran and Rowe (BCR) LLP. It addresses the current state of sanctions on Iran in light of the July 14 Joint… Continue Reading  

Iran Continues to Look to the East

by Alireza Shams Lahijani One of the biggest raps against President Hassan Rouhani’s foreign policy in Iran is that he and his administration are too eager to expand relations with the West. Yet, in the two years after his election,… Continue Reading