Libya’s Fires

by Wayne White The Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC) ended on January 2 a fire that raged for days among tanks in Libya’s largest oil export terminal of Es-Sider, but the militia violence fed by the implosion of governance that… Continue Reading  

Turkey’s Kurdish Fears Fuel Inaction Against ISIS

by Dorian Jones For weeks, idle Turkish tanks have been watching from the hills in southeastern Turkey as Islamic State forces pound the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani, just a few hundred meters across the border. That lassitude has prompted… Continue Reading  

Iran Deal: 10 Facts You May Have Overlooked

by Gary Sick via Gary’s Choices In the avalanche of reportage and commentary on the nuclear deal with Iran, here are a few tiny facts that may have escaped your notice: 1.  France’s President François Hollande made his triumphal trip to Israel… Continue Reading  

Will Bibi Cool It?

by Jim Lobe After listening to the various statements, press conferences, and background briefings by “senior administration officials,” and initial reactions that followed tonight’s announcement about the interim accord between the P5+1 and Iran, it occurred to me that Israeli… Continue Reading  

US/Syria: Coping with the Global Hangover from the Bush Era

by Wayne White The Bush administration’s deception and irresponsible military action involving Iraq had a wide-ranging adverse impact on populations in countries critical to the enforcement of international standards regarding war crimes. Yesterday’s vote by the British parliament to oppose… Continue Reading