Russia’s Fragile Success

by Mark N. Katz Looking back over the past year, Moscow appears to have good reason to congratulate itself on the success of its foreign policy toward Iran and Syria in particular, and toward the Middle East in general. Indeed,… Continue Reading

Syria Still Haunting Obama’s Strategy in the Middle East

by Robert E. Hunter For three years, the Syrian civil war has continued unabated; and for three years, the so-called “international community” has achieved almost nothing — other than to head off the war’s escalation over the use of chemical… Continue Reading

Amidst CW Disarmament, No Pause in Syrian Fighting

by Wayne White Most international attention remains focused on locating, inspecting and destroying Syria’s chemical weapons (CW) arsenal, but the bloody conventional civil war rages on. The process of getting rid of Syria’s CW probably will take at least until… Continue Reading

Don’t Just Sit There, Bomb Something

by Chas Freeman An acquaintance who, like me, used to work on foreign affairs in the U.S. government, told me the other day that he thought that, in going after Bashar al-Assad, President Barak Obama had decided on an approach… Continue Reading

US/Syria: Coping with the Global Hangover from the Bush Era

by Wayne White The Bush administration’s deception and irresponsible military action involving Iraq had a wide-ranging adverse impact on populations in countries critical to the enforcement of international standards regarding war crimes. Yesterday’s vote by the British parliament to oppose… Continue Reading