Is Japan’s Prime Minister the Next Putin?

by John Feffer In the ads in the back of old comic books, a skinny little kid is hanging out at the beach when a bully comes along and kicks sand in his face. The little kid, who weighed 97… Continue Reading  

Looking at Armenian-Iranian Relations Through a Russian Lens

by Alex Vatanka The late January visit to Armenia by Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif got little media attention, but it could have significant ramifications for geopolitics in Eurasia. Specifically, the trip could help Russia gain a trade outlet that… Continue Reading  

Armenia: Will Murders Bring Change to Ties with Russia?

by Marianna Grigoryan A little over a year ago, the northwestern Armenian city of Gyumri, home to Russia’s 102nd army base, welcomed Russian President Vladimir Putin to town with pomp, circumstance, and waving flags. Now, protesters in the town are trampling… Continue Reading  

Will Putin Lash Out?

by Mark N. Katz What a difference a few months make. During much of 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin was riding high. Russia seized Crimea from Ukraine quickly and relatively bloodlessly. Putin was also able to help pro-Russian forces in… Continue Reading  

Russia: Looking at History as a Continuation of Politics

by Igor Torbakov The leading Bolshevik historian Mikhail Pokrovsky famously defined history as “politics projected into the past.” Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, is taking that concept, and running with it.