What Is to Be Done About the “Russian Question?”


by Igor Torbakov The October Revolution of 1917 was not a singular event, but five years of violent political upheaval and social radicalization, culminating with the establishment of the Soviet Union in 1922. It set the empire’s many peoples on… Continue Reading  

Why Does Moscow’s Perennial Quest for Recognition Go Nowhere?


by Igor Torbakov The rise of Donald Trump’s administration in the United States was supposed to be a boon for Russia. Instead, it has become a source of profound disappointment for the Kremlin. Russia’s expectation was that Trump’s remarkable electoral… Continue Reading  

Putin the Historian


by Igor Torbakov According to a number of biographical accounts, history was Russian President Vladimir Putin’s favorite subject in school, and he appears to retain a keen interest in history right up to the present day. If we are to… Continue Reading  

Russia: Looking at History as a Continuation of Politics


by Igor Torbakov The leading Bolshevik historian Mikhail Pokrovsky famously defined history as “politics projected into the past.” Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, is taking that concept, and running with it.