On the trail in Virginia

By Scott McConnell I spent the weekend canvassing for Obama in the Virginia Beach area. The task for the hundreds of volunteers who descended from DC and New York was to make sure the maximum number of Virginia’s “sporadic Democratic… Continue Reading  

Two Essays on Neocon Split over Egypt

Jack Ross, the American Conservative blogger, has an enlightening essay on Right Web about the neoconservative split over the current events unfolding in Egypt. Ross’s tack is somewhat different than the one offered here by Daniel Luban (see below). Instead of… Continue Reading  

The Leveretts, The Tea Party and Iran

The Leveretts have a piece up reacting to Sarah Palin’s USA Today op-ed. It’s a thoughtful accounting, deeply (and rightfully) scornful of Palin’s belligerence, but lacks in terms of context and framing. The Leveretts, while shrewd geo-strategists, may be engaged in… Continue Reading  

A Look Back at Jennifer Rubin’s Hollywood Years

Jack Ross, posting on The American Conservative‘s blog, has taken a close look at Jennifer Rubin’s back-story. Jack, who has a book coming out on Elmer Berger and American anti-Zionism, has called attention to a comment left by a reader… Continue Reading  

Obama endorses nuclear India for UNSC, and Iran?

Daniel Larison at the American Conservative has an interesting take on U.S. President Barack Obama’s endorsement of India’s bid to join the permanent five members of the UN Security Council (those who wield veto power), and what it says about the United… Continue Reading