Neoconservatives acting as “Bizarre Cheerleaders” for the “Green Movement”

Recent op-eds and columns by prominent neoconservatives have sought to portray Washington’s hawks as close allies of Iran’s Green Movement. Jack Ross addresses this neoconservative tenet in an article for “Right Web” in which he writes: During the recent upheavals… Continue Reading  

Two Essays on Neocon Split over Egypt

Jack Ross, the American Conservative blogger, has an enlightening essay on Right Web about the neoconservative split over the current events unfolding in Egypt. Ross’s tack is somewhat different than the one offered here by Daniel Luban (see below). Instead of… Continue Reading  

A Look Back at Jennifer Rubin’s Hollywood Years

Jack Ross, posting on The American Conservative‘s blog, has taken a close look at Jennifer Rubin’s back-story. Jack, who has a book coming out on Elmer Berger and American anti-Zionism, has called attention to a comment left by a reader… Continue Reading