The Military Impulse and Hysteria Over ISIS

by Paul R. Pillar Emotional and ill-focused reaction to the latest mass shooting in the United States, coupled with misguided but unfortunately well-entrenched ways of thinking about terrorism and counterterrorism, along with a political campaign featuring jingoistic appeals, is increasing… Continue Reading

Obama’s Address: The Truth but Not the Whole Truth

by Robert E. Hunter In his televised address from the Oval Office on Sunday night, the eve of Pearl Harbor Day, President Barack Obama did what he had to do in the wake of the terrorist slaughter in San Bernardino,… Continue Reading

Malik and Farook: Mass Killers, Not Jihadists

by Emile Nakhleh Rhetoric matters. The words our politicians and media ascribe to mass killers must change. Terms such as “radicalizers,” “radicalized,” “jihadists,” and “martyrs” must be erased from the global public space because they tend to give the killers an… Continue Reading