Dereliction of Duty

by James A. Russell It’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry listening to President Obama’s series of retrospective interviews on radio and television about his eight years in office. He invariably comes off as a bright, reasonable, detached… Continue Reading  

Putin’s Revenge: Regime Change in Washington DC

by Gordon Adams As the stories about Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election begin to swell, it seems possible that Vladimir Putin may have succeeded in the U.S. where the U.S. failed in Moscow: regime change in the adversary… Continue Reading  

Exceptionalism and the Limited Scope of Indispensability

by Paul R. Pillar Hillary Clinton gave a speech this week in which American exceptionalism was a major theme. She obviously chose that theme partly because it would appeal to her specific audience (an American Legion convention) and partly because… Continue Reading  

Clinton Foundation Story Highlights DC’s Access Problem

by Thomas Lippman It’s easy to understand why people are outraged by reports that donors to the Clinton Foundation sought and sometimes received access to Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State. There appears to be scant evidence that… Continue Reading  

Dov Waxman: “Israel is becoming a divisive issue in American politics”

by Mitchell Plitnick 1. FOUNDATION FOR MIDDLE EAST PEACE: In your latest book, you explore a growing divide in the American Jewish community over Israel. In the current presidential election, Israel has been at issue a number of times: Donald… Continue Reading