ISIS and the Take-Out Myth

by Paul R. Pillar The perceptions and the politics in the United States regarding the use of military force against the so-called Islamic State or ISIS are now clear and well-established. The issue has become a classic case of those… Continue Reading  

The Military Impulse and Hysteria Over ISIS

by Paul R. Pillar Emotional and ill-focused reaction to the latest mass shooting in the United States, coupled with misguided but unfortunately well-entrenched ways of thinking about terrorism and counterterrorism, along with a political campaign featuring jingoistic appeals, is increasing… Continue Reading  

The Fallacy of a Military Solution in Syria

by Jim Lobe In case you haven’t noticed, neocons are once again leading the charge to send in more U.S. ground forces to achieve a military solution to the Islamic State (ISIS or IS) in both Syria and Iraq.