Let’s Not Forget Beirut

by Jim Lobe A brief preface to two notable articles—there are others you can find on the Web (notably, this excellent piece by Anne Barnard in The New York Times Monday) — on the disparity in U.S. media coverage of the… Continue Reading  

The Middle East: What Does the US Really Need?

by Robert E. Hunter Last week’s brutal attacks by the Islamic State (ISIS or IS) in the heart of Paris have again riveted Western attention on terrorism, not “out there someplace” but “here at home.” It didn’t happen in the… Continue Reading  

The Islamic State, the West, and 21st-Century War

by James A. Russell The collective outrage and sorrow in the West surrounding the tragic terrorist attacks in Paris tell us many things, but nothing we didn’t already know about the Islamic State (ISIS or IS) and its followers. More… Continue Reading  

The Mindless Militarism of Max Boot

by Jim Lobe There’s so much hysterical nonsense spewing forth from the neocon/Republican echo chamber in the wake of the Paris massacres that it’s very difficult to know where to begin to focus one’s attention.

Obama Rejects GOP’s Islamophobic Statements

by Eli Clifton It didn’t take long for Republican presidential candidates to stake out strikingly anti-Muslim immigration positions following the terrorist attacks in Paris that left at least 129 people dead and over 300 injured. French flags were flown and… Continue Reading