Why the Islamic State Is the Minor Leagues of Terror

by Tom Engelhardt It’s time to panic! As 2015 ended, this country was certifiably terror-stricken. It had the Islamic State (IS) on the brain. Hoax terror threats or terror imbroglios shut down school systems from Los Angeles to New Hampshire, Indiana… Continue Reading  

Apocalypse When?

by Tom Engelhardt For six centuries or more, history was, above all, the story of the great game of empires. From the time the first wooden ships mounted with cannons left Europe’s shores, they began to compete for global power… Continue Reading  

The Islamic State, the West, and 21st-Century War

by James A. Russell The collective outrage and sorrow in the West surrounding the tragic terrorist attacks in Paris tell us many things, but nothing we didn’t already know about the Islamic State (ISIS or IS) and its followers. More… Continue Reading  

The Folly of an Expanded U.S. War in Syria

by Paul R. Pillar President Obama has repeatedly made adjustments to what he probably considered privately to have been the best U.S. policy toward armed conflicts overseas, as he has had to cope with the pressures from public discourse in… Continue Reading  

Islamic State: The Hour Has Struck

by Graham E. Fuller ISIS, with its horrific attack on purely civilian targets in Paris, has established new realities about its nature, capabilities and intentions. The need for its elimination can now no longer be in doubt. It is not… Continue Reading