Nuclear Arms Control and Reductions in Jeopardy

by Peter Jenkins Discussions last month in Astana, during a five day meeting on “Nuclear Dangers” hosted by the Kazakh government, gave rise to some sobering findings. A recent vote in the UN General Assembly had lifted the spirits of… Continue Reading

Azerbaijan: Did Prisoner Releases Help Secure Washington’s Welcome?

by Giorgi Lomsadze Azerbaijan was welcomed at the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, DC on March 30 as an international energy security and counterterrorism asset, while the country’s repressive ways gained only a faint mention.  

A Case for Continued Engagement with Iran (Cc: Jennifer Rubin)

The “impulse to walk away from the [talks with Iran] is understandable”, writes Mary Kaszynski, a nuclear policy analyst at the American Security Project, but “negotiating with Iran is the only way to achieve a lasting solution to the nuclear dilemma.”… Continue Reading