Nuclear Arms Control and Reductions in Jeopardy

by Peter Jenkins Discussions last month in Astana, during a five day meeting on “Nuclear Dangers” hosted by the Kazakh government, gave rise to some sobering findings. A recent vote in the UN General Assembly had lifted the spirits of… Continue Reading

2016 Elections: The National Security Void

by Andrew Bacevich You may have missed it. Perhaps you dozed off. Or wandered into the kitchen to grab a snack. Or by that point in the proceedings were checking out Seinfeld reruns. During the latter part of the much hyped… Continue Reading

Time to Retire the Nuclear Football

by Diana Ohlbaum Speculation about whether Donald Trump can be trusted with his finger on the nuclear “button”, should he be elected president, is a reminder that the world’s survival rests on a hair trigger. Contrary to popular belief, there… Continue Reading