Former Bush Diplomats Push Back on Criticism of Iran Deal

by Derek Davison and Jim Lobe Two senior retired diplomats warned Friday that the U.S. would isolate itself from a global consensus if Congress rejected the nuclear agreement concluded between the P5+1 and Iran earlier this month.

Former top State Department Official: Diplomacy is the best tool for Iran

Nicholas Burns, the Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs during the George W. Bush administration, has surprised observers with a strong argument for the United States to do everything it can to avoid war with Iran. In his latest Boston Globe column, Burns… Continue Reading  

Pentagon Officials on Consequences of Bombing Iran

To briefly follow up on Matt Duss’s post about how Joe Lieberman’s hawkish take on Iran is at odds with most of the thought coming out of the Pentagon (which we covered already), the National Security Network (NSN) has lined… Continue Reading