Down the Iraqi Rabbit Hole (Again)

by Andrew Bacevich There is a peculiar form of insanity in which a veneer of rationality distracts attention from the madness lurking just beneath the surface. When Alice dove down her rabbit hole to enter a place where smirking cats… Continue Reading  

The Growing Danger of Mission Creep against the Islamic State

by Wayne White The self-anointed Islamic State (ISIS or IS) is trying to disrupt Coalition plans to move against it inside Iraq. However, hopes for major gains in the coming months by local Iraqi forces seem too optimistic. Ironically, US… Continue Reading  

Assess Sanctions Success before Piling More on

Last week Paul Pillar wrote that our sanctions-happy Congress is hindering progress with Iran. This week three high-level members of the US foreign policy elite are asking Congress to not lose sight of the end-goal — peacefully reaching a mutually… Continue Reading  

Pentagon Officials on Consequences of Bombing Iran

To briefly follow up on Matt Duss’s post about how Joe Lieberman’s hawkish take on Iran is at odds with most of the thought coming out of the Pentagon (which we covered already), the National Security Network (NSN) has lined… Continue Reading