Iraq: US “Troop Surge” Magic Bullet Myth Lives On

Criticism of former Senator Chuck Hagel for not backing the 2007 US “troop surge” in Iraq demands an explanation of why that relatively small reinforcement was not the main driver for reversing Iraq’s descent into violent chaos. In fact, when… Continue Reading

Assess Sanctions Success before Piling More on

Last week Paul Pillar wrote that our sanctions-happy Congress is hindering progress with Iran. This week three high-level members of the US foreign policy elite are asking Congress to not lose sight of the end-goal — peacefully reaching a mutually… Continue Reading

The Daily Talking Points

News and Views Relevant to U.S.-Iran relations for August 10th, 2010: The Wall Street Journal: Former UN Ambassador and current AEI fellow John Bolton offers his views on Chinese “hostilities” to the United States and its allies. Bolton says that… Continue Reading