John Bolton Rejects Proposal For Hotline With Tehran

Reposted by arrangement with Think Progress Former U.N. ambassador John Bolton took to Fox News this morning to blast the idea of a “hotline” between Iran and the United States. Bolton is quick to dismiss the concept as cheap political… Continue Reading  

Palestine Papers: Admiral Michael Mullen Embraces “linkage” Concept

Admiral Michael Mullen appears to concur with General David Petraeus’ and the administration’s views on “linkage” in a document released in the “Palestine Papers” (h/t Alex Kane at Mondoweiss). Notes from a June 16, 2009 meeting show the chief Palestinian… Continue Reading  

Pentagon Officials on Consequences of Bombing Iran

To briefly follow up on Matt Duss’s post about how Joe Lieberman’s hawkish take on Iran is at odds with most of the thought coming out of the Pentagon (which we covered already), the National Security Network (NSN) has lined… Continue Reading