Bankrolling Kushner’s Mideast Plan

by Khalil E. Jahshan Although the Trump administration has yet to unveil publicly its long-delayed “deal of the century,” the architect of the plan, Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor Jared Kushner, paid a visit during February 25-28, 2019 to six… Continue Reading

Kerry’s Last-Ditch Effort As Quixotic As Ever

by Mitchell Plitnick On the eve of US Secretary of State John Kerry’s fifth trip of the year to Israel and the Palestinian Territories, little has changed. Despite Kerry’s entreaties not only to both parties but also to Jewish-Americans to… Continue Reading

Palestine Papers: Admiral Michael Mullen Embraces “linkage” Concept

Admiral Michael Mullen appears to concur with General David Petraeus’ and the administration’s views on “linkage” in a document released in the “Palestine Papers” (h/t Alex Kane at Mondoweiss). Notes from a June 16, 2009 meeting show the chief Palestinian… Continue Reading