John Bolton, Contender for Top Trump Role, Spoke at Settler Fundraiser

 by Eli Clifton President-elect Donald Trump’s decision to pick David Friedman, the president of American Friends of Beit El, a charity which raises tax-deductible contributions to fund the Beit El settlement in the West Bank, as the next U.S. ambassador… Continue Reading

Trump’s Pick for Ambassador to Israel Could Kill the Two-State Solution

by Eli Clifton This article was first published by the The Nation and was reprinted here with permission. Copyright The Nation.  Early in his unconventional candidacy, Donald Trump embraced the possibility that he would kick the failed cycle of repeated US-brokered… Continue Reading

Tragedy and Perfidy: The Figure of Mahmoud Abbas

by Mitchell Plitnick Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas met with US President Barack Obama this week, following in the footsteps of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier in the month. But unlike Netanyahu, Abbas is a much less heralded or… Continue Reading

Top Cain Foreign Policy Adviser Previously Expressed Moderate Views On Israel

Reposted by arrangement with Think Progress Top Herman Cain foreign policy adviser J.D. Gordon drew controversy for his connections to Atlantic Bridge, a group exposed as a front for defense contractor lobbyists, the Conservative Party in England, and a web… Continue Reading