Calling Sens. Mitchell, Daschle—Your “Bipartisan” Center Is In Funny Company

by Jim Lobe Former Democratic Sens. George Mitchell and Tom Daschle co-founded the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC), along with their former Republican colleagues and fellow former majority leaders, Sens. Howard Baker and Bob Dole back in 2007. The Center, which… Continue Reading

Gates Wrote Obama’s West Point Speech

by Jim Lobe In light of the chorus of criticism and contempt by neoconservatives and other hawks (like the Washington Post’s editorial board) leveled at President Barack Obama’s West Point speech last week, I found striking the similarities in basic… Continue Reading

Neocon Princelings Kristol, Kagan Split on Egypt

by Jim Lobe A short item just to note that Bill Kristol, in a Sunday appearance on ABC’s “This Week With George Stephanopolous”, crystallized (shall we say) the internal split among neoconservatives over how to react to the military coup and… Continue Reading

WINEP’s Robert Satloff Retreads the Reverse Linkage Argument

In his recent piece posted on Foreign Policy,  Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) executive director Robert Satloff’s advice to Obama offers a near textbook example of the neoconservative conviction that linkage—the concept that peace between Israel and its… Continue Reading

Reverse Linkage: Debunked Iraq War Talking Point Is Back

Last week brought a marked increase in neoconservatives and their allies pinpointing “where the road to peace” leads through. In 2002 and 2003, they argued that road leads “through Baghdad.” In 2010, it now leads “through Tehran.” On a nearly… Continue Reading