From Cairo to Goldberg

by James J. Zogby Earlier this month “The Atlantic” magazine featured a cover story, “The Obama Doctrine”, written by Jeffery Goldberg. Based on the author’s many hours of interviews with President Obama, it represents an attempt to find a coherent… Continue Reading

President Obama and the Saudi Allies: It’s Complicated

by Cinzia Bianco and Giorgio Cafiero Throughout Barack Obama’s presidency, the U.S. has faced unprecedented challenges across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The Obama administration’s response to these crises has created substantial friction between Washington and some of… Continue Reading

The Obama Doctrine?

by Robert E. Hunter As the Obama administration starts to wind down, it has become open season on the president and his record, especially in foreign policy. The literary potshots have even come from people who had been honored with… Continue Reading

Obama the Realist

by Paul R. Pillar Jeffrey Goldberg’s long article in the Atlantic about Barack Obama’s thinking on America’s foreign relations, an article derived from a series of interviews that Goldberg had with the president, ought to be required reading for this… Continue Reading

A Plague of Black Swans in the Middle East

by Gary Sick In the parlance of political risk assessment, a Black Swan is an event regarded as highly improbable or even impossible before it happens. A Black Swan is not only surprising but has the capacity to disrupt or… Continue Reading