The Future (of a Nuclear Deal)

by Hooman Majd The NY Times Magazine profile of Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes, in the May 8 issue, is a story that seemingly won’t die—albeit among inside Beltway or inside (political) baseball freaks—for those who are instinctively anti-Obama,… Continue Reading  

Regime Changers and War Hawks Dominate Congressional Iran Deal Hearing

by Ali Gharib It didn’t take long for the much remarked upon New York Times Magazine profile of Obama foreign policy adviser Ben Rhodes to reach a height that all probing news stories might aspire to: spurring Congressional hearings to… Continue Reading  

Additional Weirdness in Opposition to the Iran Nuclear Agreement

by Paul R. Pillar The never-say-die efforts to kill the Iranian nuclear agreement have been taking some strange turns lately. Two in particular.

Samuels, Rhodes, and the Iran Deal: Consider the Source

by Derek Davison A May 5 New York Times Magazine profile of Ben Rhodes, Barack Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor for strategic communications, has revived the debate over the negotiations that led to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).… Continue Reading  

Pentagon: We Come to Facilitate

by David Isenberg The latest version of U.S. national security orthodoxy was on display this week at the Omni Shoreham hotel in Washington, D.C., where Defense One, a division of Atlantic Media’s Government Executive Media Group, held its third annual… Continue Reading