Bret Stephens’s Racist “Olfactory Element”

by Eli Clifton Yesterday, Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens attempted to denounce Egyptian judoka Islam El Shehaby’s refusal to shake hands with an Israeli opponent after losing his judo match at the Rio Olympics. Shehaby’s conduct violated both the… Continue Reading  

New Poll Highlights Need for Reform in the Middle East

by Derek Davison A new public opinion survey undertaken in six Arab countries, Iran, and Turkey finds that people are more likely to blame “corrupt, repressive, and unrepresentative governments” and “religious figures and groups promoting extremist ideas and/or incorrect religious… Continue Reading  

Has Yemen Reshaped the Middle East Geopolitical Map?

by Graham E. Fuller Does anybody remember the old Cold War geopolitical concept of the “Northern Tier states?” They consisted of three countries—Turkey, Iran and Pakistan (sometimes Afghanistan) that lay along the southern border of the Soviet Union; they were… Continue Reading  

Karon: false choice between Iran and the US for Arab states

Tony Karon has a nice analysis up at Abu Dhabi’s the National. Many pundits in the U.S. have delivered the verdict that Iran won in the Arab uprisings. But Karon spots a false choice, and once again Turkey is the… Continue Reading  

Actual Expert: Iraq War Set Back Tunisia and Egypt

Via Matt Duss’s twitter, Shibley Tehlami, a real expert on the Arab World, batters the already bruised neocon revisionists: When the Bush administration used the Iraq War as a vehicle to spread democratic change in the Middle East, anger with the United States… Continue Reading