Saudi Strong Arms Muslim Nations to Take Sides in Gulf Crisis

by James M. Dorsey Saudi Arabia, in a first move to pressure mostly Muslim states to join its campaign against Qatar, has persuaded six sub-Saharan African nations with threats of reduced financial aid and restricted quotas for the haj, the… Continue Reading

Pakistan and the Gulf: Feathered Diplomacy

by Alia P. Ahmed Every winter the ordeal resumes. Arab royals and their entourages arrive in the deserts of Pakistan, and set themselves upon a small and unassuming migratory bird. Releasing their falcons into the sky, the sheikhs tear through… Continue Reading

Has Yemen Reshaped the Middle East Geopolitical Map?

by Graham E. Fuller Does anybody remember the old Cold War geopolitical concept of the “Northern Tier states?” They consisted of three countries—Turkey, Iran and Pakistan (sometimes Afghanistan) that lay along the southern border of the Soviet Union; they were… Continue Reading

Pakistan Walking a Fine Line over Yemen

by Fatemeh Aman Tensions are on the rise between Pakistan and its Arab allies over Pakistan’s refusal to take sides in the Yemen crisis. Pakistanis show no interest in participating in a war that could jeopardize their relationship with Iran,… Continue Reading