Syria Policy: Signs of Coherence?


by Thomas Lippman For the United States, Saudi Arabia, other supporters of the rebels in Syria, and for the rebels themselves, this has been a month of fast-paced, intense diplomatic and political activity. It is tempting after so much time… Continue Reading  

Iran-Pakistan Ties Challenged by Regional Violence


by Fatemeh Aman Escalating violence against the Islamic Republic of Iran from the volatile region of Baluchistan shows that Tehran’s approach toward regional insurgency may require revision. A suicide bomber blew himself up outside the Iranian consulate in Peshawar in… Continue Reading  

Taking A Stand on Syria


by Robert E. Hunter With the collapse of the latest round of negotiations over Syria’s future, the tragedy of its people — of all ethnic and religious backgrounds — continues into its third year. Military forces loyal to President Bashar… Continue Reading  

Is Elliott Abrams Hoping to Succeed Abe Foxman?


by Jim Lobe Outgoing Anti-Defamation League president Abraham Foxman had a gift for sniffing out anti-Semitism, particularly if it took the form of criticism of Israel, and it will be difficult to fill his shoes in that regard. And while… Continue Reading  

A Curtain for Egypt


by Henry Precht In the turbulent weeks after the Iranian revolution we officers in the State Department or in Embassy Tehran struggled to construct a “normal” relationship with the decidedly abnormal, strife-ridden new regime. In frustration I used to tell… Continue Reading