It’s Egypt That Needs Higher Oil Prices


by Thomas W. Lippman The country that could ultimately suffer the most damage from a sustained depression in the world price of oil could be one that is not a major producer: Egypt. Unable to sustain itself, Egypt is being… Continue Reading  

What Is Genuine Leadership in the Middle East?


by Graham E. Fuller A supreme challenge to US policies in the Middle East—especially in the Arab world—has been dealing with the no-win dilemma of leadership in the Arab world. As we look out across the wreckage of the present… Continue Reading  

Iran Military Option: An Increasingly Daunting Challenge


by Wayne White Although the Obama administration appears to be currently focused on resisting calls to increase sanctions on Iran while negotiations over its nuclear program are in session, the far more dangerous “military option” is alive and well in… Continue Reading  

Making Sense of The Turkey-ISIS Mess


by Graham E. Fuller Among the many confusing factors swirling around the whole ISIS phenomenon is the role, or roles, of Turkey in the situation. It might be helpful to tick off some of the major salient factors that compete… Continue Reading  

Mubarak Acquitted as Egypt’s Counterrevolution Thrives


by Emile Nakhleh The acquittal of former Egyptian President Muhammad Hosni Mubarak is not a legal or political surprise. Yet it carries serious ramifications for Arab autocrats who are leading the counterrevolutionary charge, as well as the United States. The… Continue Reading