An Alliance of Convenience with Iran? Baghdad as “Exhibit A”

Protest against the military operation in Fallujah

by Ellie Geranmayeh The violence in Iraq has provoked serious considerations by the West as to whether cooperation with Iran is worth testing to secure regional stability. In the last decade, both sides have avoided expanding their dialogue beyond the nuclear… Continue Reading  

The US in the Middle East: Back to First Principles

President Barack Obama convenes an Oval Office meeting with his national security team to discuss the situation in Iraq, June 13, 2014.

by Robert E. Hunter What do we, the United States, need — as opposed to want — in the Middle East? It’s no secret that the region is in a mess. But as Hamlet could have said about US responsibilities:… Continue Reading  

Iraq on the Brink

by Emile Nakhleh Much blame could go around regarding the current chaos in Iraq and the recent territorial gains of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Four contributing factors stand out: The 2003 decision by the Bush administration… Continue Reading  

What Iran Wants in Iraq and Why


by Shireen T. Hunter For some time, the problems of Iraq and indeed of all of the Middle East have been blamed on Iran for its interference and meddling, especially for exporting its ideology and attempting to establish hegemony over… Continue Reading  

Nigerian Terrorism: Causes and Solutions

A Boko Haram bomb attack in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, on Apr. 14, 2014, claimed 75 lives. Credit: Ayo Bello

by Emile Nakhleh Boko Haram’s recent kidnapping of schoolgirls in northern Nigeria has focused the world’s attention on Islamic radicalism and terrorism in West Africa and the Sahel countries. Although the growing terrorist threat in Iraq and Syria has replaced… Continue Reading