What Will It Take to Push Iran and Saudi Arabia to Talk?

by Jean-François Seznec and Samer Mosis Saudi Arabia and the other OPEC members have made it abundantly clear that their priority is to aggressively defend market share, not stabilize global crude prices. Consequently, prices are low at the pump and… Continue Reading

Saudi Executions: A Trap for Washington?

by Jean-Francois Seznec Observers of the Middle East woke up on the normally peaceful day after the New Year to the unsettling news that Saudi Arabia had executed 47 terrorists. Among the executed were three foreign nationals, 40 Saudi Sunnis… Continue Reading

The Future of Saudi-Iranian Relations Will Be Written in Oil

by Henry Johnson Saudi Arabia’s cantankerous objections to nuclear talks with Iran have run counter to U.S. goals and have left some puzzled over the cause of its combative behavior. A deal with Iran, of course, means much more than… Continue Reading