AIPAC Spent $14.5 Million on TV Ads during Iran Deal Debate

by Eli Clifton In the aftermath of Senate Republicans’ failed efforts to derail the plan agreed on in July to limit Iran’s nuclear program, responsibility has fallen on AIPAC for its inability to persuade a meaningful number of Senate Democrats… Continue Reading

What Happens if Turkey’s Next Election Is Still Inconclusive?

by Derek Davison On November 1, Turks will head back to the polls to redo their country’s inconclusive June elections. That vote stripped Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) of the parliamentary majority it had held since 2002 (the… Continue Reading

The United States and Iran: A Great Rapprochement?

by Matthew Shannon In 1968, as the world was unravelling at the seams, the historian Bradford Perkins published The Great Rapprochement. The book chronicled the U.S. move away from “Anglophobia” and toward “Anglophilia” during the two decades prior to the… Continue Reading

Talking to Assad: A Brush with Absurdity

by Emile Nakhleh The recent infusion of Russian weapons and other military materiel into Syria has gotten the chattering class in Washington in a tizzy. “Inside-the-Beltway “ policy experts, as a chorus, are now calling for the US and other… Continue Reading