Bahrain’s Assault on Free Press

by Emile Nakhleh The Bahraini government’s decision on June 4 to shutter al-Wasat indefinitely yet again underscores the regime’s on-going assault on the freedom of expression and independent media. The information ministry claimed in its statement that it shut down… Continue Reading

Saudi Arabia and Obama: Time to Reset Relations

by Emile Nakhleh President Obama’s visit to Saudi Arabia comes in the midst of a changing kingdom with a different outlook on its regional role and its relations with the United States. The US-Saudi relationship is becoming less “special,” which is… Continue Reading

Talking to Assad: A Brush with Absurdity

by Emile Nakhleh The recent infusion of Russian weapons and other military materiel into Syria has gotten the chattering class in Washington in a tizzy. “Inside-the-Beltway “ policy experts, as a chorus, are now calling for the US and other… Continue Reading