Did Bibi Just Throw Romney Under the Bus?

Based on the events of the past day and a half, it’s difficult not to conclude that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu believes that Mitt Romney will almost certainly lose the election to Barack Obama. By implicitly extending Israel’s “red… Continue Reading  

The Strategic Logic of Netanyahu’s “Iranian Bomb”: Rules of the Road (Runner?)

In making his case against Iran in his United Nations speech, Benjamin Netanyahu held up a crude graphic intended represent an Iranian bomb. The Israeli Prime Minister drew a line with a red marker to emphasize the urgent need for action… Continue Reading  

Arms Control Association Responds to Netanyahu’s UN Red-Line Speech

The Arms Control Association, whose technical expertise on things nuclear, far, far exceeds our own, has just put out an informed analysis of to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech — the one with the cartoon bomb and the red… Continue Reading  

The MEK As a Wedge Issue for Neo-Con Iran Hawks

While you would expect the State Department’s decision to de-list the Mujahadeen-e-Khalq as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) would elicit cheers from anti-Iran neo-conservatives, the MEK has, in fact, been one of a number of issue — including former Israeli… Continue Reading  

An Important New Study of the Drone War

It’s been evident for a long time now that the Obama administration has been offering a wildly embellished account of the drone war that it’s been covertly waging in Pakistan and elsewhere. An important new report, released by researchers at… Continue Reading