The Strategic Logic of Netanyahu’s “Iranian Bomb”: Rules of the Road (Runner?)

In making his case against Iran in¬†his United Nations speech, Benjamin Netanyahu held up a crude graphic intended represent an Iranian bomb. The Israeli Prime Minister drew a line with a red marker to emphasize the urgent need for action… Continue Reading

The MEK As a Wedge Issue for Neo-Con Iran Hawks

While you would expect the State Department’s decision to de-list the Mujahadeen-e-Khalq as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) would elicit cheers from anti-Iran neo-conservatives, the MEK has, in fact, been one of a number of issue — including former Israeli… Continue Reading

An Important New Study of the Drone War

It’s been evident for a long time now that the Obama administration has been offering a wildly embellished account of the drone war that it’s been covertly waging in Pakistan and elsewhere. An important new report, released by researchers at… Continue Reading